VegesEvery year the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) runs its annual conference in the USA. IFM is increasingly becoming the world-leading centre for doctors and healthcare professionals of all kinds who want to work on the causes of disease, and not just treat symptoms, and incorporate, diet, lifestyle and a “systems” approach to health. This year I got many opportunities, but one in particular was covering the debate between three world leading experts on “what’s the right diet or optimum health?” Is it the Mediterranean Diet, the Vegan/Vegetarian Diet or the high animal protein Paleo Diet??

Covering this story took me back to the early days when Alex Howard and I started the Optimum Health Clinic in London – I was a vegan (staunch) and Alex was doing high levels of animal protein (aka Paleo) when we first met in 2005 -the same debates we were having back then are still going on now amongst leading experts! The full article can be read below from CAM magazine’s July edition. I can confirm what I have already recommended on this website based on the article:

1/ These are the guidelines EVERYONE should be following – click HERE

2/ Everyone is DIFFERENT and you need to work out your OWN ideal protein levels, how to do that is  is HERE

Click the image below for the “Diet Wars” article: What’s the Right Diet for Optimum Health







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